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For the Guild members that gap is in programme efficiency. If by adopting a work ethic that is based on a self-imposed adherence to only providing materials that fit the criteria and by using and working in such an environment in our own businesses then we have real knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. We make that the ‘normal’ and then look to ways that the process of delivering our services to our clients balances their books – and ours. This is what we are doing as a Guild. Ten companies with common goals have a development process that balances the books.

A typical client for the Guild is one who is comfortable making decisions at the design stage. The easiest decisions are black and white choices but that rarely happens. What we offer is a super- fast process that coordinates the complexities of each and every aspect of a design so that when a decision is required the parameters are as close to black and white as is possible. The confidence that brings to bear on the client speeds up the process in all areas of the programme.

Our Guild therefore by necessity is exclusive. One member in each discipline. Landscape, Mechanicals, Technology, Interior Design, Fabrication, Furniture, Lighting, Art, Kitchens and bathrooms, Bespoke Craft.

Our clients also tend to be exclusive: Architects, Developers, Private clients. We are a specialist Guild formed to deliver a very unique specialist service. Please take some time to look through the individual websites of the members. The experience of each member may be just what you are looking for and indeed there is a great deal more information and advice provided in our Topics section. Do please get in touch.

One of us will always be on this number: 01209 612033

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