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Now, with the advent of the Guild, ten of us ‘world wanderers’ have brought together our skills and experiences to combat what is apparently an intractable recurring problem. 70% of building projects overrun and 80% of building projects run over budget.

These days perhaps more so than in the past, this level of wastage is commercially unacceptable. However, this also comes at a time when the world is striving to cultivate a more responsible attitude to climate concerns and building a more sustainable future. The building trade represents 50% of the UK’s carbon emissions and is the single most inefficient contributing industry. If not laid down in law the resistance to improvement is pragmatic, its costly.

The finger is pointed at the nature of the process of building. There are so many trades and disciplines involved that it is only the strongest and most forthright and conscientious developer who will have the power to influence every minute detail of the process and make it pay. The guild members have been exposed to this and it’s pretty clear that in order to affect any change the process has to change itself. Therein lays our motivation. If a client demands a modern property that uses predominately sustainable materials and building practices at a cost that is equivalent to a traditional build, something has to give

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