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Cornwall is unique in that it maintains the highest number of micro business per kilometre in the UK – all specialists.

This gives the county its own highly diversified perspective on how it operates and how it survives and thrives. What Cornwall is not challenged with is acres and acres of building sites and developments. All but four miles of our boarder is water, we are an island within and island and that means most of the prestigious building developments are counted in one’s and two’s and more often than not one building replaces another on any given plot.

Working directly with architects and owners, we can turn your ideas and desires into inspiring, unique and extraordinary spaces. Whilst all being experienced individual companies in our own right, we share one goal: to set new standards in design excellence, bespoke services and sustainable luxury.

This by necessity means that many of these specialists find their clients outside the region and many also have an international pedigree that far outweighs its apparent origins.Design specialists from Cornwall have played leading roles in a significant selection of the world’s most iconic buildings from the Burj Al Arab in Dubai to Hong Kong airport to the Singapore’s international container terminal to the CERN hadron collider.

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Design ideas to consider when renovating your home

If you want to feel comfortable and relaxed at home again, all it takes is a couple of changes that will renew your home. You will add value to your property and make it more appealing if you change the furniture in your kitchen, add a few decorative items on the hallway and paint the walls in the living room. Here are a few ideas that you should consider when redesigning your home.

A new design for a new perspective

Is some designers focus on the furniture and design it so it can be both comfortable and visually appealing, others would tell you to rethink your floor plan if you want a new design. Floorings in warm shades will open up the place and even though your kitchen is small, you will feel there is more room than before. In addition to this, since you still are in the kitchen, maximize the cabinetry storage and things will look quite simple in your brand new airy cooking space.

We begin and end our days in the bathroom, so this place should be relaxing, to inspire you and help you unwind after a busy day at work. Your 3X3 foot typical shower might be too small, but this is not a reason to move in a new house. Refurbish your bathroom considering the last interior design trends, bring decorative elements that maximize the space you have and change the walls so that the room will seem to be larger. Use glass and shiny paintings for the walls and you will have more space to breathe in your tiny bathroom.

Your bedroom is perhaps one of the most important areas in your home. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so you must ensure that this time will be truly restful. King sized beds might seem charming at first sight, but they are bulky and they sure take a lot of space from this room. You probably stay in your bed when you talk on, but why don’t you replace it with a smaller bed with a nice pair of nightstands where the lamps will look chic and classy? Don’t place any chairs nearby the closet, especially if you do not want a pile of clothes on it.

Get inspired with new design ideas

The most useful interior design ideas target the colors of the walls, how to use the decorative elements and how important is the focal point in a room. Display classic color combinations such as blue with white, have a white kitchen where space will be enormous and invest in warm colors in your bedroom if you want to have a delightful atmosphere.

Your home office will stimulate you to be productive if you paint the walls blue or yellow. If yellow is great for productivity, blue will stimulate your brain. Combine these two colors and you will sure obtain a delightful office where you will be glad to work. There are many interior design ideas that will give you an astonishing make-over. Get your inspiration from great designers and you will get to feel great in your newly decorated home!

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